We are proud to announce that USLiberTees is now IntegriTees! During a trademark dispute, we realized that our focus was taken off of the most important thing…you.  For that we truly apologize.

Unfortunately, during our recent attack from the competitor, we were unable to access orders and have them ship out.  All customer information is completely encrypted and safe, so we assure our customers that their privacy is safe with us.

While we make this transition our site will unfortunately be down.  For orders already placed, statuses are below.  We appreciate your patience during this transition and we look forward to serving you better in the future!

Order Statuses are as stated below:

LEC Campaign:  All orders are shipped and clients should have received them by now.  If not, please contact us below.

Fash The Nation Campaign:  All orders are shipped and should be received by mid to late next week if you haven’t.  If you haven’t received it by then, please message us below.

James Allsup Campaign:  1/3 orders are shipped.  The remaining orders will be shipped by the 26th.  If you do not receive your package by the 5th of October, please message us below.

MTV Crew Club:  Orders ship on October 2nd – 5th

Sincere Tasks: Orders ship on October 8th – 10th


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